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The Gurdwara “Guru Nanak Charitable Trust Scotland” was established in the early 1990’s originally to provide donations to the poor and needy at the Pingalwara in Amritsar. Since then, it has been involved in countless charitable works – for which we have received several major awards


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Khanda Necklace Silver Plated


The Khanda (Punjabi: ਖੰਡਾ, khaṇḍā) is the symbol of the Sikh faith, that attained its current form in the early 20th century. It depicts the Sikh doctrine Deg Tegh Fateh in emblematic form. It consists of three weapons and a circle: the khanda, two kirpans and the chakkar which is a circle. It is the military emblem of the Sikhs. It is also part of the design of the Nishan Sahib. A double edged khanda (sword) is placed at the top of a Nishan Sahib flag as an ornament or finial.

Made from Zinc Alloy
Size: 2.5cm, Chain Length: 50cm

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