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Mr Naranjan Singh Benning - Central Gurdwara Glasgow

Mr Naranjan Singh Benning

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Mr Naranjan Singh (Benning) is the Assistant Secretary of Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha Glasgow and has currently held this position for the past 4 years, although on and off over the past 10 years. He has also been a previous Vice President for 2 years in 2004 as well as an active committee member since 1998.


Having worked in the construction industry for most of his life, he has been involved with any repairs that the Gurdwara might have required from time to time. And is for precisely both these reasons that he has now been awarded the responsibility of Co-ordinator for the construction of the new Gurdwara.

Other positions held

  • Guru Nanak Charitable Trust (Treasurer)
  • Glasgow Gurdwara Council (Treasurer)
  • New Gurdwara Project (Co Chairman & Co-ordinator)

Personal History

Mr Naranjan Singh moved to the UK in 1961, living in Gravesend in Kent. Only 10 years old at the time, he watched as his Uncle (Mr Charan Singh) brought the first Guru Granth Sahib over from India and established the first Gurdwara in the area. Mr Benning’s his own father was the President for this Gurdwara for 8 years. As a man, Mr Benning moved into the building & development industry and has had his own construction company since 1967 and has in the past worked on developments for the Glasgow Housing Association. But having been brought up so closely involved with Gurdwara life, it is perhaps no great surprise that the childhood influences of his father and Uncle began to manifest in Mr Naranjan’s own adult life. And it was when Mr Naranjan Singh moved to Glasgow in 1993 with his own family, that he began spending more and more of his free time being involved with the Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha Glasgow.

What being a Sikh means to Mr Benning?

“I discovered the importance of religion, like so many others, when my father passed away in 1986. The emotions involved made me realise certain things. I began thinking more and more about the spiritual side to life – and that nobody takes anything material with them to whatever afterlife awaits us. I felt something awaken within me, and a calling to set out on a different path – a path that was very new for me.

Over time, this path led me to feeling closer to God and to nature. And I can say that my life now is 100% better than it was before due to the inner peace it has given me. It is hard to explain. You have to feel it to know it. It can’t be put into words, or understood by words. The best I can do is to say that it brought me a peace and a tranquility that I had never previously known.

And when I look back on my life, it makes more sense now as to why things worked out the way they did. And it leaves me with a feeling that it was somehow my ‘kismat’ (destiny) that I worked in the construction industry and ended up moving to Glasgow, in order that I may bring my building experience with me here at this time, to put it to use in whatever way possible to help with the new Gurdwara project.”


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