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Dr Satwant Singh Multani - Central Gurdwara Glasgow

Dr Satwant Singh Multani

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Possessing a truly magnificent list of achievements, awards and accolades, Dr. Satwant Singh Multani is one of the Gurdwara‘s most honoured Committee Members.


As well as partaking in all fundraising committee meetings, he has been in charge of Punjabi classes for the last year and a half, as well as making a superb ambassador for the Gurdwara.


The following list is only a small number of recent achievements by Dr Multani:

  • ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award in 2010 by Indian Government
  • ‘Ambassador of Peace’ Award in 2009 by the ‘Universal Peace Federation’, for promoting the virtues of Sikhism.
  • ‘Lifetime Achievement; Award in 2009 by ‘Sikhs in Scotland’
  • ‘Nav Rattan’ Award in 2012 by Indian Government (ceremony to be held in 2012) in recognition for anti-discrimintation work in UK for the Central Scotland Racial Equality Council.
  • ‘Official Representative for Sikhism’ at the ‘Global Peace Conference’ in New York

Other positions held

The following list is only a small number of recent positions held by Dr Multani:

  • ‘Her Majesty’s Inspector for Education for Scotland’ – held for 1 year
  • ‘Chairman’ of: Central Scotland Racial Equality Council – for 2 years.
  • ‘Advisor on Sikh community’ to Police of Central Scotland – for 2 years
  • ‘Chairman’ of: Community Interfaith Society – current
  • ‘Chair’ of: Central Scotland Interfaith – current
  • ‘Director’ of: Scottish Interfaith Council – current
  • ‘Director’ of: BEMIS (Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland) – current

Personal History

Dr Multani was originally a doctor in Punjabi until he left in 1967 to move to the UK, originally living in Wales. He moved to Glasgow 12 years later where he worked as a Hospital Doctor in Falkirk Royal Infirmary, and later as a G.P., until his retirement. Even after a lifelong career of helping people, he continues to do the same during his retirement with his tireless community work and message of faith.


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