Some of our Charities

Guru Nanak Charitable Trust

The Gurdwara’s “Guru Nanak Charitable Trust (Scotland)” was established in the early 1990’s originally to provide donations to the poor and needy at the Pingalwara in Amritsar. Since then, it has been involved in countless charitable works – for which we have received several major awards (see below).
A few examples of our past charity work…

Cyclone victims of Orissa

  • We provided them with financial aid.victims of Sri Lankan tsunami
  • We provided them with financial aid.victims of Pakistan earthquake
  • We provided them with financial aid.provision of eye operations
  • In specific regions around the world. Food aid for Vanjaray Sikhs
  • We provided them with ‘langar’ (food).Assisting in funding for marriages
  • We provided assistance in funding for the marriages of 23 girls from under-privileged or poor families.


Flood victims of Bangladesh

  • We provided them with financial aid.building the Guru Nanak Library (Bangladesh)
  • We provided them with donations.Gujarat relief fund – We provided them with donations.“Glasgow the Caring City”
  • We provided them with donations.Lord Provost’s “Bethlehem Appeal”
  • We provided them with donations.“Help the Aged” in India – We provided them with donations.


Upcoming Charity actions

Every penny of Donations Count

It has always been the aim of the Trust to spend every penny that is collected directly on the disaster victims themselves, and not to be swallowed up, even partially, by administration or bureaucracy.

Therefore, even until today, members have gone on their own expense to do the charitable work. May Waheguru bless their efforts. We hope you will help support those people in the world who are less fortunate than yourselves.
Every penny of your donations counts.

About the Latest Action

We continue to send aid to the victims of the Japanese Tsunami.

UNITED SIKHS AID Japan Disaster Relief Team led by Husband / Wife team of Bhai Bharpoor Singh and Bibi Gursharnjeet Kaur distributing Emergency Relief materials and serving Langar to 500+ Tsunami Survivors in Tsukuba, Japan. March 2011. Please visit www.unitedsikhs.org to Donate or Volunteer!!