The Gurdwara Committee

The Central Gurdwara ‘Singh Sabha’ Glasgow was founded in 1981 when the initial Board of Trust was set up. Thirty years on, many of the original Trustees are still active committee members of the Gurdwara today (see below).

    Mr Jaspal Singh Khaira

      Dr Inderjit Singh

        Mr Surjit Singh Chowdhary

          Mr Baldev Singh Padda

            Mr Kashmira Singh Assistant Treasurer

              Mr Gurnam Singh Dhami Treasurer

                Dr Inderjit Singh Assistant Secretary

                  Mr Jaspal Singh Khaira General Secretary

                    Mr Mela Singh Dhami Vice President

                      Mr Surjit Singh Chowdhary President

                        Mr Naranjan Singh Building

                          Mr Inderjit Singh Mann Assistant Treasurer

                            Mr Bakhsish Singh Deerhe Assistant Stage Secretary

                              Ms Sukhi Kaur Assistant Secretary

                                Mr Mandeep Singh Assistant Secretary

                                  Mr Harbans Singh Khaira Vice President

                                  Want to get involved?

                                  If you feel you have something that may be of assistance to any one of the Gurdwara committees, you can contact any of the committee members by clicking on their photo and viewing their contact details at the bottom of their page.