Our founding members’ vision was to create and run a Gurdwara strictly in accordance with the core principles of SIkhism. To fulfill this vision, a Board of Trust (see here) was set up to serve the ‘Sikh Sangat’ (the Sikh community) in accordance with the ‘Singh Sabha’ Movement – a revivalist Sikh Organisation which arose in the late 19th century – which affirmed the true Sikh traditions as laid down by the Gurus themselves.

In doing all this, we work closely with the authorities to ensure their support and their association with the education policies of the Sabha, for which they set up an education sub-committee for the advancement of Punjabi language, culture and religion, and established a comprehensive library maintained with relevant and up-to-date books.


In achieving this vision we have made the following our mission:
  1. to help those in need
  2. to provide help and guidance to enable those who may have drifted away from the Sikh Panth, to return.
  3. to provide a place for education for the community in spiritual, ethical and other Sikh morals.
  4. to provide a space where the community can gather for wholesome social interaction
  5. ultimately to promote the Sikh Religion, Sikh brotherhood and all aspects of Sikh culture including teaching language, music and philosophies of The Sikhs

Our Future is Together

Our community is growing stronger in Scotland, and much more so in Glasgow. And so our vision has to grow with it.

The proposed new Gurdwara project is the result of our vision, but this vision can only be achieved by the community as a whole. There is no distinction between the community and the Gurdwara. No you and us. Just an ‘us together’. These are difficult economic times, and we need our spiritual and communal side more than ever, so please donate as much as you can afford. We thank you from our hearts. And we hope we can together to build a better future for ourselves, our families and our friends, and ultimately for the betterment for humanity as a whole.