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Punjabi classes

Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha Glasgow has a passion to teach Punjabi and Gurmukhi. Punjabi classes first began in 1983/84 for children aged from 5 years up to 18. There were also extra Punjabi classes which were held exclusively for adults. Today there are approximately 125-150 children studying Punjabi at Central Gurdwara. Every year there are 18-20 children who sit the board AQA exams, (G.C.S.E, A-S level & A-level). We are very proud to say that from the past few years the pupils have been obtaining exceptional results.

The credit for this goes to the pupils and teachers hard work and commitment. Not only do the children gain knowledge from studying Punjabi, but they also feel confident when reading, writing and speaking Punjabi. Children who have studied Punjabi are able to read Gurbani and Sikh faith related books. By studying Punjabi the children gain key knowledge about their religion and culture.