About Singh Sabha

A few words about Scotland's largest Gurdwara

Original Glasgow Gurdwara

In 1981, a trust was set up by a group of 20 Sikhs who purchased the existing Berkeley Street building through donations gifted from the Sikh Sangat. It was as a result of this love within the Glasgow community, selfless service, and by the Grace of God that Central Gurdwara Singh Sahba was born. The Gurdwara also purchased the building at 134 Berkeley Street, which became the Mel-Milaap Elderly Day Care Centre that catered for many elderly and disabled people from both the Sikh and wider communities. However as a result of Glasgow’s growing Sikh population, a bigger site was needed.

The New Central Gurdwara Singh Sahba

To accommodate the growing number of Glasgow’s Sikh population, on the site of the Gurdwara’s commercial car park which was originally Glasgow’s old Eye Infirmary, the new Gurdwara was built. The foundation brick was laid on April 13th 1999 with actual work commencing officially in November 2010. In 2016, the Phase One build of the New Central Gurdwara Singh Sahba was completed. The Scottish Sikh community embarked upon a pioneering journey in completing phase one of the £8.5 million project which proudly sits as Scotland’s largest, purpose built Gurdwara, altering Glasgow’s skyline forever. The completed Gurdwara has by far exceeded the Sangat’s expectations in its grandeur and presence. Its architectural significance alone has changed Glasgow’s iconic skyline forever with the Gold Dome glistening in the skyline.

The Gurdwara serves as the hub of the Scottish Sikh community. It is a place where people can congregate to practice their faith, gain religious and social education, learn music, eat and quite importantly, socialise. For over 3 decades the Gurdwara has opened its door to the wider community offering food for all walks of life regardless of their colour, cast, creed or religion. It has served as an educational facility to schools from all over Scotland, given Scots the opportunity to see what Sikhism is, where it comes and what it represents. Both Sikhs and Scots are well known for their commitment to charity work, entrepreneurship and community spirit. The Sikhs of Glasgow would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed in making this Gurdwara a success.