Central Gurdwara Glasgow – School & Gurmat classes

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Welcome to our Gurmat Classes, where we aim to inspire and educate the future Sikhs of Scotland through fun learning. We would like to share with you the variety of experiences and activities that our young Sikhs are involved in. Our class takes place weekly on Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. When you first walk through the doors of the Gurdwara you will feel the energy in the air, hear the laughter and chatter of the children (and adults), and not forgetting the delicious smell of the langar (food) (and that’s not only, the chips and pasta!!). The class is first started with a few minutes of simran (basic meditation) to help set the ambience and settle the mind. Most parents also enjoy this, with the beautiful sounds of hymns vibrating through the hall. We then split into our Paath (Sikh prayer) classes where the children our taught different ‘Banis’ (prayers) in small groups by dedicated Sewadaars (volunteers).


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